Top Books from 2019

My reading this year was a very mixed bag. A few were extremely impactful, altering my worldview and opening up new areas of interest. Many others were duds – not terrible, but way less interesting than expected. A Sand County Almanac I first came across Aldo Leopold in Fire Season, a book I happened toContinue reading “Top Books from 2019”

Top Books from 2018

My favourite and most impactful books that I read in 2018, including The Fifth Discipline, Radical Acceptance and Multipliers. Plus, some honourable mentions

Reading for new leads

These are books that I have used in my own development as a leader and that I recommend to all new leads on my team. Some are situation-specific but many are books that I’ve returned to many times.

Top Books from 2017

In 2017, I set a goal for myself to read 20 books. This was a great year for reading, passing last year’s 24 books with a total of 46!

Resources on Reading

Here are some of the top resources I’ve come across for getting better at reading, and that inform how I read every day

Team Onboarding

Notes I’ve pulled from articles and books on the topic of effective onboarding training. The aim is for this to be a starting point for understanding how to build an effective onboarding process.